Intro to AWS for Newbies eBook

Are you curious about Amazon Web Services (AWS), but not sure where to begin? Been looking around, but haven’t found a place that explains from the most fundamental basics? Are the resources you find talking to you in some foreign language you don’t understand?

Hey, that’s exactly how I felt, trying to break in to the world of Cloud Computing. As a person without technical education, I found it very difficult to begin learning about the fundamentals of AWS.

So I created Intro to AWS for Newbies to help everyone else feeling the same way!  This course and ebook is perfect for getting started with studying for the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam!

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Intro to AWS for Newbies

  • 1 week newsletter course – 1 e-mail a day filled with resources
  • Great for beginners and casual users of Amazon Web Services
  • Comprehensive introduction to AWS and Cloud Computing
  • You will create an AWS account and secure it using Multi-Factor Authentication
  • You will be provided resources to learn about different components of AWS

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