AWS Shared Responsibility Model

In AWS's Shared Responsibility Model is the concept that AWS and the customer share responsibilities for security and compliance of Amazon Web Services.  This allows AWS to support the customer by taking on the burden of operations control associated with the physical infrastructure so the customer can focus on securing and producing within the context … Continue reading AWS Shared Responsibility Model

AWS: Basics of Cloud Computing

In Certified Cloud Practitioner exam, 26% of the exam is on "Cloud Concepts."  This article will introduce you to some important basic features to know about cloud computing and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Looking for "Introduction to AWS for Non-Engineers 1: Cloud Concepts" course (now in Spanish!) or "AWS for Non-Engineers" book? What is Cloud Computing? … Continue reading AWS: Basics of Cloud Computing

AWS Mnemonics: Simple Flash Cards

It's important to know the details of what each service is.  But at the same time, it helps to know a simple phrase to trigger your memory as a complete newbie.  So I've created this AWS Mnemonics page to help you remember key features and facts. Especially when there are half a dozen services that … Continue reading AWS Mnemonics: Simple Flash Cards