AWS Shield: Managed DDoS Protection

AWS Shield provides always-on detection and automatic inline mitigations to minimize application downtime and latency to protect against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. It is available globally on all CloudFront and Route 53 Edge Locations.  As a result, you can protect your web applications hosted anywhere in the world by deploying CloudFront in … Continue reading AWS Shield: Managed DDoS Protection

Security 101 for AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam

Security is 25% of the Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam. Even though it is only the 3rd out of 4 domains in terms of percentage of the exam, it's still worth becoming comfortable with the Shared Responsibility Model and the various ways AWS helps to protect your infrastructure. Securing the Cloud is a very important part … Continue reading Security 101 for AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam

AWS Mnemonics: Flash Cards

It's important to know the details of what each service is.  But at the same time, it helps to know a simple phrase to trigger your memory as a complete newbie.  So I've created this AWS Mnemonics page to help you remember key Amazon Web Services features and facts. Especially when there are half a … Continue reading AWS Mnemonics: Flash Cards