Amazon EFS: Elastic File System

Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) is a scalable, elastic, cloud-native file system for Linux OS. Features EFS is elastic, so it automatically grows and shrinks as storage demands go up and down.  It's a fully managed service that provides access through standard file system interfaces you already use, and it is designed for high … Continue reading Amazon EFS: Elastic File System

AWS Snowball: Data Migration

Amazon Snowball is a PETABYTE-scale data migration solution to transport A LOT of data from your on-premise environment into the AWS Cloud.  The process is easy and secure, and costs as little as 1/5th of the cost of data transfer via high-speed internet. A physical device is mailed to you, and you transfer your files … Continue reading AWS Snowball: Data Migration

AWS Storage Gateway: Connect On-Prem with Cloud

In the most basic sense, Amazon Storage Gateway connects your On-Premise storage with AWS Cloud storage.  It is a cost-effective way to securely store data in the AWS cloud. It will seamlessly back up your On-Premise data using SSL to Amazon S3.  You pay as you go, paying only for the storage you utilize. Storage Gateway: … Continue reading AWS Storage Gateway: Connect On-Prem with Cloud

AWS EBS: Elastic Block Store

Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) provides persistent block storage volumes for EC2 Instances.  Unlike some other types of storage volumes, it doesn't get deleted when you terminate or stop an EC2 Instance. Once you create an EBS volume, it automatically gets replicated within the Availability Zone to offer high availability and durability.  You can scale usage up or … Continue reading AWS EBS: Elastic Block Store

AWS S3: Simple Storage Service

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) provides safe, secure, highly-scalable object-based storage on the cloud. You only pay for what you use, have unlimited storage, and the sizes of individual files can be anywhere between 0 bytes and 5 terabytes. S3 is one of the basic and important core systems in AWS.  When an object is … Continue reading AWS S3: Simple Storage Service