• Title: Intro to AWS for Newbies
  • Author: Hiro Nishimura
  • Date: December, 2021
  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 83
  • Size: 2.2MB

Table of Contents

    1. Intro to Cloud Computing
      • Expanded Content
    2. Intro to AWS
      • Expanded Content
    3. Create an AWS Account
      • Expanded Content
    4. Secure Your AWS Account
      • Expanded Resources
    5. Intro to AWS Free Tier
      • Expanded Resources
    6. Intro to Cloud Concepts
      • Printable Study Resources
    7. In Review: What’s Next?
    8. Bonus Study Guides

Intro to AWS for Newbies eBook

Why an eBook?

Intro to AWS for Newbies is available as a FREE Newsletter Course.  So why should you bother purchasing an eBook when the content’s available for free?

Courses are great to learn from, but having a document or book to refer back to has always been helpful for me. And honestly, there’s a limit to the formatting for Newsletters! Some of the content is a lot easier to understand in an eBook form, where I was able to format everything just the way I wanted it to look.

PLUS it’s not just a copy and paste of the Newsletter Course.  Concepts are expanded, explanations are added, and there are more resources for an even more comprehensive introduction to Cloud Computing and AWS. In addition to the expanded content, the eBook contains printable study resources to help you begin studying for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam.

This is a great way to make sure you have the information you learned through the Newsletter Course available for easy reference, OR to learn the contents (and then some!) at your own pace instead of through a 1-topic-a-day format offered by the course!

Want to learn more? We have a wildly popular online video course series with LinkedIn Learning called “Introduction to AWS for Non-Engineers,” now available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. We also have a new book published with Manning Publishing titled “AWS for Non-Engineers“!

Price Options

You can choose to pay the Full price ($15) if you’re a professional/can afford it, or choose the AWS Newbie price ($11.50) if you’re a student or looking to change careers!

If you are purchasing using a discount code, it’s an honor system, but I would appreciate it if you could apply it to the “Full Price” option.

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