AWS Config: Resource configuration auditor

As the name suggests, AWS Config monitors and manages your AWS config(urations) to help you easily evaluate whether your service configurations match your needs and compliance requirements. It assesses, audits, and evaluates resource configuration changes of your resources to help you stay compliant to organization policies. When AWS Config notices a configuration update, it … Continue reading AWS Config: Resource configuration auditor

AWS Trusted Advisor: Optimize Infrastructure

AWS Trusted Advisor helps you optimize your AWS environment by reducing cost, increasing performance, and improving security.  It provides real-time guidance to help you provision resources according to AWS Best Practices guidelines. (AWS) Infrastructure Optimization This service provides best practice recommendations in 5 categories: Cost Optimization: save money by eliminating unused/idle resources or using reserved … Continue reading AWS Trusted Advisor: Optimize Infrastructure

AWS CloudWatch: App & Infrastructure Monitoring

Amazon CloudWatch is monitoring and management service for applications and IT infrastructure.  Natively integrated with 70+ AWS services, this monitoring service helps you obtain system-wide visibility into resource utilization, application performance, and operational health for your AWS Cloud infrastructure. Amazon CloudWatch provides you with actionable insights and data in form of logs, metrics, and traces, to monitor … Continue reading AWS CloudWatch: App & Infrastructure Monitoring

AWS CloudTrail: Track Usage

AWS CloudTrail is a service that tracks user activity and API usage, enabling governance, compliance, operational auditing, and risk auditing of your AWS infrastructure.  The service helps to simplify auditing compliance and troubleshooting. Instantly audit activity, identify security incidents, and spot any compliance breaches with log data. You can review the logs using CloudTrail Event … Continue reading AWS CloudTrail: Track Usage

Amazon CloudFormation: Automated Provisioning

With Amazon CloudFormation, you can provision anything ranging from a simple EC2 instance to a multi-region, multi-tier application quickly and easily with a simple text file.  This file in turn becomes the "Source of Truth" for your cloud infrastructure. You create templates for automatic configurations of CloudFormation Stacks for stress-free provisioning of related AWS … Continue reading Amazon CloudFormation: Automated Provisioning