AWS Trusted Advisor helps you optimize your AWS environment by reducing cost, increasing performance, and improving security.  It provides real-time guidance to help you provision resources according to AWS Best Practices guidelines.

AWS Trusted Advisor


Infrastructure Optimization

This service provides best practice recommendations in 5 categories:

  • Cost Optimization: save money by eliminating unused/idle resources or using reserved capacity
  • Fault Tolerance: increase availability and redundancy by using auto scaling, health checks, multi AZ, and backup
  • Performance: check service limits, ensure you’re taking advantage of provisioned throughput, and monitor over-utilized instances
  • Service Quotas: checks for service limits >80% of service limit
  • Security: close gaps by enabling security features and examining permissions
Sample AWS Trusted Advisor check from AWS website

The status check is shown by 3 colors: green (no problem), yellow (investigation recommended), and red (action recommended).

Support Tiers

Core Checks and Recommendations

  • Available to all customers by default for free
  • Access to 7 core Trusted Advisor checks
    • S3 Bucket permissions
    • Security Groups – Specific ports unrestricted
    • IAM use
    • MFA on Root Account
    • EBS public snapshots
    • RDS public snapshots
    • Service Limits

Full Trusted Advisor Benefits

  • Available for Business, Enterprise On-Ramp, or Enterprise support plans
  • Access to full set of Trusted Advisor checks
  • Notifications: stay up-to-date with AWS resource deployment
    • Create alerts and automate actions with CloudWatch
  • Programmatic access: retrieve and refresh results programmatically using AWS Support API


4 thoughts on “AWS Trusted Advisor: Optimize Infrastructure

  1. I think you forgot the Service Limits as part of the 7 core checks for Trusted Advisor. It only lists 6.

  2. This website is thorough on the cloud Practitioner exam objective. It even contain more information than the digital training. Kudos for the good work.

  3. I concur with “francis” I took and passed AWS CCP and came across this site while researching my weaker areas. A great resource, keep building it and keep up the good work. My site is dedicated to getting into IT, the cloud and AWS, it is far from complete. I would like to backlink or refer to your site in a post about “OnPrem 2 the Cloud, an engineer’s journey” for additional research resources. Would that be ok?

    BTW Doing my AWS CSAa, so will be posting up all my research and will if ok cite these pages as great resources 🙂

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